Final grant report - Wikimedia Project grant for Wikimedia Commons support in OpenRefine

From approximately July 2021 until end October 2022, a small team (including @antonin_d, @lozanaross and me) have worked on Wikimedia Commons integration for OpenRefine.

Thanks to financial support from a Wikimedia grant, it is now possible to use OpenRefine to do batch edits of files on Wikimedia Commons, and to do (new) batch uploads there. All these functionalities will be / are available in the upcoming OpenRefine 3.7 release and in the new Wikimedia Commons extension for OpenRefine.

I have just finished the final report for this grant. It is lengthy! You can read it here: Grants:Project/CS&S/Structured Data on Wikimedia Commons functionalities in OpenRefine/Final - Meta

I very much welcome comments, questions - either here, or on the report’s talk page on

Later on, I am considering to follow up with a blog post on - probably highlighting the new features, and also sharing some things we learned. What would you be interested in reading in such a blog post?

Many thanks to everyone who worked very hard on this project, and to everyone who provided very valuable input!

The report has been accepted (= approved), and there’s also a great extensive comment (praise) by the Wikimedia Foundation’s GLAM and Culture team on the report’s talk page. I think this now really concludes this project :slight_smile: :tada:

Thanks again, for everyone who has helped to make this a reality, and everyone who supported, tested, valuably criticized, applauded!

Looking a bit at the future already:

  • I hope we find ways - within the very limited capacity / means of the Wikimedia movement and the OpenRefine team - to keep these features up, and maintained, as they are clearly wanted and needed.
  • I’m interested in exploring - also as part of OpenRefine’s conversations for its future - if/how several directions introduced or reinforced here (working with multimedia; stronger support for community / domain data models / templating; general better support for data flows between platforms and connections between data sources) correspond with future trends and needs for people working with data. (I strongly think it does; in my observation we are evolving towards more multimedia, more linked data; making data more relevant by linking it, opening it, and making it usable by more people.)
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