Iconography for the concept of “more”

I have slowly begun some more prototyping for displaying records. One of the elements needed is an icon graphic for the concept of “more” which could mean “more elements”, “more details “, or simply “more information “. I would like to hear thoughts on conventions used that anyone feels would be more easily identifiable for our broad international user base. The “more” element might appear in a menu, a cell, or at the end of a set of columns. Thus “more” is essentially saying to users “OpenRefine is hiding some things currently in order to keep things organized and not overwhelm with too many elements just yet”. The size of the “more” element can be scaled as necessary and ideally would not represent how additional details are shown, I.e., it should not represent verticality or horizontal scope; so arrow forms are not appealing for this design need.

Opinions or mock-ups or doodles accepted!