January 17, 2024 Advisory Committee Only


  • Jan Ainali - Advisory Committee
  • Antonin Delpeuch - Advisory Committee
  • Martin Magdinier - Project Manager


Wikimedia Commons Project

Project in partnership with WMSE: WMSE informed us that they will get back to us by January 19 regarding what part of the project they can take on, if it is the development part, project management, or both. The Advisory Committee prefers working with WMSE as it will be a way to build a working relationship with them. We want to see if we can build a longer-term partnership to seek sources of funding to maintain the Commons Extension. We want to validate with them

  • Budget
  • Role of the product manager
  • Long-term vision of the relationship.

The Advisory Committee will review the proposition from WMSE next week.

To mitigate the risks if the project does not move forward with WMSE, the Advisory Committee has identified potential contractors we can invite to participate. In that sense, Martin will prepare a draft statement of work for the product manager role. That document can be shared with WMSE to clarify our expectations and use with potential candidates.

Project Manager role description:

We are looking for someone who can


Antonin added new dates to the pool. He will reach out to those who have already answered.

Martin will reach out to contributors he interviewed in 2023 to add their availability.

We need to define the budget for the event.

Grant Budget Projection

OpenRefine has several budget lines for the EOSS-5 and Diversity grants that have not been allocated yet and should be spent by the end of 2024.

We have identified different high-level scenarios that we need to explore better, including what we want to achieve and the level of funding we want to allocate. During the call, we identified the following items; more could be added later:

  1. Hiring a second developer
  2. Extending Zoe Cooper's contract
  3. Budget for the BarCamp
  4. Asking for a no-cost extension for the EOSS-5 grant to extend the funding in 2025.
  5. Supporting the Missing Vision and Value project

The advisory committee suggested doing separate meetings to explore each scenario. We want to have new members of the advisory committee having their input.

Outreachy and GSoC internship

Martin can take care of the liaison with Outreachy and GSoC for the internships. We still need to identify mentors.

Other items

Discourse email update: Martin informed the Advisory Committee that the change to Discouse’s notifications is now completed. The parameter was changed for about 300 participants. Martin will monitor for email volume and user engagement over the next weeks.

Contributor user interview results: Martin published the last two posts sharing the results from the contributor's interview last year.