java.lang.NullPointerException when uploading to Wikibase

Hi all,

We have a private Wiibase instance and use OpenRefine to upload data. For my last two edits, I got the following error (two different projects), once at 25% editing, once at 0%. I have googled the keywords but found nothing relevant (note, that I could understand, since it devolves into quite technical terms quickly somtimes).

This is the console log:

15:25:55.599 [..mWikibaseEditsOperation] Performing edits (95ms)
15:25:55.601 [..ting.EditBatchProcessor] Requesting documents (2ms)
Exception in thread "Thread-5" java.lang.NullPointerException
at org.openrefine.wikibase.updates.LabeledStatementEntityEdit.toStatementUpdate(
at org.openrefine.wikibase.updates.ItemEdit.toEntityUpdate(
at org.openrefine.wikibase.editing.EditBatchProcessor.performEdit(
at org.openrefine.wikibase.operations.PerformWikibaseEditsOperation$
at java.base/ Source)
15:26:42.186 [ ProjectManager] Saving some modified projects ... (46585ms)
15:26:42.205 [ project_utilities] Saved project '2014386534213' (19ms)

Grateful for any advice or pointers. Let me know if you need more info or a screencap ...
Many thanks,

Nevermind: this can be deleted. I figured it out a literal minute later. My column still had non matched values and that caused it to stop uploading. Sorry for the stupid question, this can be deleted.

@welcometorapture No question is stupid, It's alright to make misktakes :slight_smile:

@welcometorapture Thanks a lot for reporting! Whether or not your column had unmatched values, this is still a bug, so I would be interested to know which version of OpenRefine you are running.

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That would be Openrefine 3.7.7. Perhaps more accurately, the "null" error was because of an empty cell, not a non-reconciled cell, sorry if that caused any confusion.