Openrefine hangs

Open refine fresh install with jdk 11 hangs after start. Can you help me to understand why?

ubuntu@ip-172-31-14-218:~/openrefine-3.8.1$ ./refine -p 3333 -i -m 6000M -d  /home/ubuntu/openrefine-data/
Using refine.ini for configuration
You have 189290M of free memory.
Your current configuration is set to use 6000M of memory.
OpenRefine can run better when given more memory. Read our FAQ on how to allocate more memory here:

10:06:01.313 [            refine_server] Starting Server bound to '' (0ms)
10:06:01.321 [            refine_server] refine.memory size: 6000M JVM Max heap: 6291456000 bytes (7ms)
10:06:01.352 [            refine_server] Initializing context: '/' from '/home/ubuntu/openrefine-3.8.1/webapp' (30ms)
10:06:01.392 [..pse.jetty.server.Server] jetty-10.0.16; built: 2023-08-25T19:11:25.422Z; git: a2735a9ae9d1afc124974253f1e223e5678be1f4; jvm 11.0.23+9-post-Ubuntu-1ubuntu1 (40ms)
10:06:01.746 [..dardDescriptorProcessor] NO JSP Support for /, did not find org.eclipse.jetty.jsp.JettyJspServlet (353ms)
10:06:01.753 [..DefaultSessionIdManager] Session workerName=node0 (7ms)
10:06:01.773 [...handler.ContextHandler] Started o.e.j.w.WebAppContext@2b5cb9b2{OpenRefine,/,file:///home/ubuntu/openrefine-3.8.1/webapp/,AVAILABLE}{/home/ubuntu/openrefine-3.8.1/webapp} (19ms)

Thanks for reaching out! Could it be that you have installed some extensions when running an earlier version of OpenRefine? Extensions are stored in your workspace directory, which you can locate here:

If you have any extensions there, you could try removing them or upgrading them to the latest version. If that's indeed the source of the problem, I'd be interested to know which extension(s) caused the problem.