Our website custom fallback theme

Hi @antonin_d do you know where you found the knowledge or bits of react code that you used as a starting template for customizing the new website look?
I see you introduced this page (which is used as a fallback, since the docusaurus config has no theme specified) : openrefine.org/index.tsx at ed88f7c8485ab755f9f7e98fcf7a7c58aa203e36 · OpenRefine/openrefine.org · GitHub

I’m looking to do similar custom page reworking on some other sites and would like any pointers or links for additional knowledge. I know docusaurus is just a single React app and so anything with React can be done within docusaurus, but I’d rather skip diving into deep React knowledge and doing more cut and paste of existing good examples you might have stumpled upon.

Thanks in advance! And I guess this will be good to have documented here I guess for provenance of the website changes and background knowledge.

I remember taking some inspiration from Docusaurus’ official site itself - perhaps that’s also helpful in your case?

Ah! perfect, yes, very helpful! docusaurus/index.tsx at 08cfe4e3c9483fb070dde1a248e7c5b68d00c7b4 · facebook/docusaurus · GitHub