Possibility of redesigning forum badges

I believe that badge design is an important aspect of user experience and can play a significant role in encouraging user engagement and motivation. However, the current badges on the OpenRefine forum are not effectively motivating users as the design is somewhat bland and a redesign might be beneficial.

My question though is, is it alright to redesign the badges?

I did some research on Discourse badges and discovered that forums can have different badges but I’d like to know if it’s something the OpenRefine community would be open to.

I didn’t know that we could customize the badges - impressive!
It looks like we would be able to change the images, but with our current plan it looks like we cannot define custom badges via SQL queries.
I for sure would not be opposed to giving the badge images an OpenRefine twist, it would be fun :slight_smile:

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Thank you. I think it’d be fun too

I’ve had this thought since I earned my first badge :sweat_smile:

I’ll design some badge ideas I have and share with the forum.

I want to share a few badges I have designed and also, the reason behind them.

  1. The Badge: The OpenRefine logo is a recognizable symbol of the software and its features. By using the same colors in the badge outer outline, I tried to create a visual connection between the badge and the software, reinforcing the association between the two. Additionally, the gradient effect in the logo creates a dynamic and modern look, which can be carried over to the badge design.

  2. The colors used in the OpenRefine logo also have specific meanings and associations that can inform the badge design. Blue is often associated with trust, reliability, and professionalism, which can be relevant to the forum’s focus on data cleaning and analysis. Cyan is a color that symbolizes innovation, creativity, and freshness, which can be appealing to users who are looking for new and effective ways to manage their data. By using these colors in the badge outline, the idea is to convey a sense of professionalism, innovation, and trustworthiness, which can be appealing to forum users.

In the badge outline (background) is made with colors from the gradient used in the OpenRefine logo, as is seen below:.

The Badges

  1. Editor:
    The pencil illustration represents the act of writing or creating content, which is a fundamental part of posting on the forum. The image tries to create a visual connection between the badge and the forum’s purpose of sharing and creating content relevant to OpenRefine

  1. Certified:
    The certified stamp image represents an official endorsement or approval, which is fitting for a badge that recognizes the completion of the new user tutorial. This image conveys a sense of achievement and validation that can be motivating for users.

  1. First emoji:
    The happy emoji with both thumbs up is a universally recognizable symbol of approval and positivity.

The green background color used in the badge design is associated with growth, renewal, and harmony. This color can represent the positive impact that using emojis can have on communication and social interactions. The green color can also create a sense of calm and relaxation, which can be relevant to the idea of using emojis to express emotions and feelings.

  1. Welcome:
    The image with flowers creates a sense of beauty, harmony, and serenity, which can be appealing to users and create a positive first impression. The flowers can also symbolize growth, renewal, and new beginnings, which are relevant to the idea of welcoming new users to the forum.

  1. Enthusiast:
    The simile “busy as a bee”, is probably a great way to define an enthusiast, which is why I have used a waving bee for this badge because it shows that the bee is not just busy but happy and that conotes that the enthusiast enjoys being a part of the forum.

  1. The image of a thumbs up illustration is a simple yet effective way to convey appreciation and recognition. By using this image in the badge design, you create a visual connection between the badge and the idea of being appreciated for one’s contributions to the forum.

  1. Nice Share:
    The Tetris shape is a well-known symbol for fitting together and working collaboratively, and the four hands taking their part can represent the idea of sharing and collaborating in the forum.

My blog post here Redesigning OpenRefine Badges - by Once in A While , explains my thougth process in detail and how I approached the problem.

I’ll keep adding to the badges.


Nice one Lydia :clap: great job

Thank you so much, Ebele :blush:

What if the badge looked like the top of the diamond? As if you were looking down above it? I think making it look more like the logo facet cuts could be done.

Also, would it look better turned 45 degrees so a flat side was at the top and bottom. instead of a point?

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I did play around using the same shape as the logo (diamond), with the top flat and the bottom pointed but it just did not click for me but I’d like to know what you think

Likewise, flat at the top and flat at the bottom

I also tried using the gradient from the logo as the color of the outline but it feels just too bright for my eyes.

Sorry, you might have misunderstood. I meant top-down view, so that you can see the entire table and outer crown ring. Rather than the side view of our existing logo. There are various diamond cuts and you can see a few on Wikimedia Commons if you search, such as: File:Diamond cut history.png - Wikimedia Commons and the primary wiki page showing many examples throughout it here: Diamond cut - Wikipedia

Our logo is somewhat based on the side view of a swiss cut which is a bit more simplified than the round brilliant cut which still has 8 kite cuts.

I would not use gradients, but instead single color facets around the crown. Imagine our logo now sideways…now turn it so that you are looking down at the top of the table of the diamond. That is what I meant. But taking an artistry to the faceting as needed to simplify for the 6-sided badge hexagon, and rotating it so that there is a flat edge at both top and bottom, rather than your previous examples of a point at the top and bottom and flat edges on left and right. Something like this hexagon orientation, but might need to be thicker to mimic a diamond’s crown thickness: Black hexagon outline icon - Free black shape icons (iconsdb.com) and then using 6 or more colors to differentiate the 6 sides as if they were diamond facets. I.E. make a thick border hexagon badge, look as if you are looking at the top of the table of a diamond with it’s outer crown faceting.

My quick hacky ugly example to demonstrate (thin facet lines however needed, not my thick white ones and errant grey one…but you get the idea. Now just rotate this image to the left or right 45 degrees to get a flat side on top and bottom.):

Nice design, Lydia. I really like the play of colors and subtle patterns on the badge, though I’m not really a fan of so much color used in one space like the welcome badge.
Personally, I would have used the diamond shape in its exact proportion rather than the hexagonal shape.

@thadguidry Are you referring to it being rotated like the image illustration below?


Oh I really did misunderstand. Sorry about that and thank you for the detailed explanation :smiling_face:.

I’ll go through the links you’ve attached and revert on the correction.

Oh thanks Yemi, I have my reservations on the welcome badge as well.

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Sorry for slow response here, but just wanted to say that I really like the badge designs - in either shape and angle of the diamond. My only concern is making sure that the illustrations are licensed under an appropriate open license - ideally CC0, but if not at least CC-BY and that appropriate attribution is given somewhere here in the Forum. Not urgent at all, but when you have a moment @Lydiaofficial have a look at the source and see if we’re OK to use and publish the illustrations, or if you need to source them from alternative platforms that have open licensing.