Problem with Quickstatements uploads to Wikidata

I want to batch upload birth and death years to the 911 records for which I found a match in Wikidata. In the latest snapshot version, the upload stopped after about 20 items. With the latest stable release, I repeatedly reached 21% before the upload stopped.

Quickstatements at toolforge doesn’t seem to be working at all the last days, so that is no way out (

Unfortunately, I can’t add a .tar.gz file to my post, but if I can send the project file separately for somebody else to look at and/or try, please tell me.


Welcome @Bart_Magnus . It should be possible for you to add the file to this thread now

@ostephens I just tried it again with the same file on Toolforge and it worked, so it the service was probably temporarily down. I haven’t tried it directly from OpenRefine yet, but I suppose that this will work again too. If not, I will let you know here.