Project metadata management

Hi, fairly new here but wondered if there is documentation around the use of the project level metadata displayed in the open project screen.

Think it is nice to have but wondering on intended or typical use (name vs title) and if any of the values drive any behavior or functionality in the tool or it is purely informational / descriptive.


Hi, welcome to the forum!

I am not very happy with this feature. I agree with you that the intended use is unclear. The reason why this was introduced was to add support for a particular type of table format, called "Datapackages", which support this sort of project-level metadata. However this support was added without much thought about how it would actually tie in with users' workflows so it's quite sub-optimal at the moment I would say. I know some users (for instance in @abbe98's team) have found a use for those fields but I think those should the display of those should be rather opt-in.

If you have any thoughts about how the current situation could be improved I would be glad to know what they are.

Hi, Thanks for your response. Hoping to contribute more here and appreciate the welcome.

I do like having project level metadata available. Right now I'm finding myself have multiple versions of different projects as I'm doing a lot of learning and experimenting. In same way wasn't sure the significance of some of the values as they don't all seem to show up in the project list so wondered if they were serving some other purpose I could make use of.

Maybe a bit slow on my part but took me a bit to realize the "about" link for each project was the way I could edit this data. See that it is mentioned in the user manual though.

I do like that tag values show up in the header of open projects list to allow quick filtering.

I'm a bit early on my time using the tool to provide much directional feedback but will keep in mind as continue to use it. I've used other commercial tools with similar functionality so don't want to assume it should mimic what I'm used to.

At the current state I too agree that the the various use cases are unclear and that it should be opt-in, but given that use of the tagging system seems to be rather widespread it would be interesting to see what would happen if editing and project management was made more accessible. By for example, allowing project metadata to be edited inline, adding buttons for duplicating/forking projects, etc.

Would be very interested to hear about use cases others have for project level metadata!

I added the design-chat to increase visibility for designers.

While the project tagging feature is a great addition, the way we leverage other metadata fields can definitely be improved (either when displaying or editing them).

I wish we could have hierarchies like parent-child or folders. Like a browser favorites interface. Instead I have to make the links myself using hypens - or — between the tags. Ex. “business—software” “business—hardware”. My method currently does not help in that I have to remember the necessary parent tags to organize. But a browser favorite like interface for applying hierarchy to the tags would be a big +100 from me, either a drag drop or simple mapping form which allows to select a parent tag and then use drop downs or + symbols like the Wikidata schema editor to type or attach existing child tags, rather than my previous hyphen method which adds repetition.

Since my original question I've played with tags some and had some confusion on the expected syntax, use of multiple tags for a single project (ie comma, semicolon or white space separated, also ability to use use underscores or dashes within a tag).

Found it was not working entirely as I expected or took some time for the tag changes to be reflected in the UI. I'd need to go back now to remind myself exactly, but I do think some guidance on how to use the current functionality would be helpful. I wouldn't mind helping with this if I could get some guidance on what the current functionality allows.

Liked thought from @abbe98 re inline editing and ability to duplicate / fork projects more built in. I do like idea of folders / hierarchy to organize projects as well @thadguidry mentioned. I was trying to use tags for similar purpose though not sure I need much in the way layers of hierarchy at this point for my own use, maybe more over time.