Replacing unsafe colors for colorblindness

In order to improve our accessibility, we should strive to replace/tweak any unsafe colors for people affected by colorblindness. Red and Green (particularly in deuteranomaly) are often the colors most confusing for people who exhibit some colorblindness, but they are not the only hues. Our OpenRefine color palette was originally softly based around some early accessible color palettes if I recall like IBM Design Library (we choose mostly Blues, Greys, and Orange) which looks more or less like the "Contrasting palette 1" on this site.

But I think a few choices over the years might have skewed some of the original design philosophy? I think we should perform another colorblindness palette audit, in line with WCAG 2.1 AA standards as much as possible, to see where we can improve things. Also in doing so, that work can be incorporated into any upcoming new design system and documented in a design style.

While preparing for dark-mode I went through a lot of contrast issues when harmonizing and reducing the number of colors in use, I don't see my self trying to upstream that work anytime soon but if someone is interested in picking it up I would be happy to share the palette and all changes.