#SOMEVALUE# not working in schema

Hello! I was excited to see OpenRefine now supports WD batches using #SOMEVALUE# and #NOVALUE#, but upon trying it out today, I'm getting an error that suggests the somevalue formulation is not being recognized in my statement:

(Issue reads: Entity #1 Statement: Inception (P571) wikibase-schema/schema-validation/path-element-value invalid date provided: '#SOMEVALUE#'

Trying to create a batch of new WD items for a set of archival photographs. Since the metadata for the photos includes dates narrowed down to a range of years and not a single value (ex. 1932-1934) I planned to construct my statements with #SOMEVALUE# in the main value and qualifiers for the earliest and latest possible dates.

Am I missing something in how I have this formulated in the schema, or is this a bug?

I think #SOMEVALUE# can only be used as a cell value, that also need to be reconciled.

Thank you! That solved it!

Thanks @AHC84 and @abbe98! I was also confused by this - I think there is a clear case for adding support in the schema directly, so as to avoid this extra step of creating a dedicated column.

Yeah, if I remember we dismissed it because we wanted a UI but given that it isn't on someones todo-list I think it would be a good and low-effort improvement.