Store reconciliation scores

Hi, I did a reconciliation, and I would like to store the reconciliation scores in a new column, can you tell me if I can do that or not or your feedback please?

Hi, you can, using the cell.recon.candidates variable (see For example with forEach(cell.recon.candidates,v, + ", Score: " + v.score).join("; ") you get a list like this:

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Thank you for your answer, it will help me, but my objective is to store only the score of the best condidate.....the reconciliation wad done and i choosed the best condidate, my aim now is to store the score of my choices ?

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If you always only need the best candidate (the one with the highest score) you can add a column using the code

while with


you get the score of the one you chose (even if the scoring value was lower - as long as it was in the list).

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Thank you Michael_Markert

I think it is documented well enough here:
Reconciling | OpenRefine

Perhaps a few of those bullet points in the docs could add a bit of explanation as @Michael_Markert indicated. Feel free to improve the docs!