Unstarring reverts un-reconciliation?

Hi, I am double-checking a bunch of reconciled items. To keep track of where I am in the spreadsheet, I have been starring the item that I check on. Something I noticed is that when I remove a reconciliation link to a Wikidata item and then say “create new item”, when I unstar the item, it will revert back to the previous reconciliation. Is this a bug?

Wow, it’s a bug indeed! Very funny that we didn’t discover it before!

The good news is that it does not actually corrupt your data, it’s just a display bug. If you refresh the view (for instance by changing the page size or just refreshing the whole page with your browser) you will see that the item was not actually touched by your unstar action. But it still should not happen, of course.

I opened an issue for it:

I am hopeful that we can solve this soon, it should not be hard.