V3.7.0 Installation Error

I assume you are using Windows as operating system?

There is a limit on how long a file path is allowed to be (aka MAX_PATH limitation or issue).

Details for example here Maximum Path Length Limitation - Win32 apps | Microsoft Learn

Workarounds for this are modifying the registry key as suggested in the Microsoft help article.
Or to create a separate partition where you can put portable software directly under the “root”.

C:\Users\YourUserName\Software\OpenRefine\... <= path too long
D\:OpenRefine\                                <= shorter path

Some Software checks the MAX_PATH limit when installing and allows to directly control this behaviour.
But afaik an OpenRefine Installer is still work in progress.

Yes, I’m using Windows. Thank you for your response!

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Our packaging scripts do report that the path of some files is too long when generating the .zip file for Windows. Of course a proper installer would be better, but I wonder if there would be quicker fixes that we could apply in the meantime. Perhaps using other archive formats that are also well-supported on Windows and allow for longer paths?

Yo could use 7-Zip for extracting the zip file, as afaik it will ignore the MAX_PATH limitation. You might still end up with errors because of unloadable classes when starting OpenRefine.