Where can I set a different browser to start OpenRefine?

Hi, everybody! Glad to use this wonderful tool!

I normally use Firefox as my default browser. But I want to use Chromium for OpenRefine, and call the whole thing from a script.

I tried to find something in refine.ini configuration in order to change the browser that is call after for the openrefine web server. But I failed. Can someone point me in the correct direction, please?

This is what I’m trying to achieve, but since FF is default browser in my system, I always get it open :S

#!/usr/bin/env bash

qterminal -e /home/simonapetra/bin/openrefine-3.6.2/refine
chromium --new-window --enable-crashpad

I don’t know of a way to open a non-default browser but maybe disabling the entire feature does the trick for you?


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That worked! Thank you so much!

Well, taking your suggestion as start point (which is totally correct, of course), I found that from the command-line, I can use the -x flag to add the key-value pair refine.headless=true after the refine executable:

qterminal -e /home/simonapetra/bin/openrefine-3.6.2/refine -x refine.headless=true

Here is where I find it: