April 18th, 2024, Advisory Committee Only


  • Julie Faure Lacroix - Advisory Committee
  • Antonin Delpeuch - Advisory Committee
  • Martin Magdinier - Project Manager



We updated the barcamp site with a new list of potential hotels. Hostel prices are quite high around those dates (summer + football championships), and hotels tend to fill up quickly.

Martin will

  • follow up with people who haven’t answered the invitation yet.
  • Confirm with the current registered participant that we can reimburse them for their transportation and hotel expenses of up to EUR 110 per night.
  • Invite registered participants to propose a session.

Martin will follow up on the forum regarding registration and session proposition.


The next meeting with Martin is scheduled for next week. They will have read relevant documentation by then.

Grant Status

OTF: Martin will prepare an application based on the EOSS-6 proposition.

We will ask for a no-cost extension for the EOSS-5 grant, we still need to define what the end date would be

With the Wikimedia Deutschland grant: the Wikibase Stakeholder Group plans to implement version 0.2 of the reconciliation protocol. Therefore, there is no need to update OpenRefine.

Antonin's future involvement with OpenRefine

We discussed Antonin's plan for the next 12 months regarding his involvement in OpenRefine. The following is still under discussion and should be read as the Advisory Committee and Antonin's intentions. Those are not final decisions.

Antonin would like to take an extended break during the summer after the BarCamp and limit his involvement to the GSoC mentoring. The extended break will leave time for the community to review PR merging work from the delta branch.

On his return from his break, he can start onboarding a developer that would take over his role.

Antonin is considering leaving the paid position at the end of the EOSS-5 grant sometime in 2025 (we would then ask for a no-cost extension for this grant).

Funding Projection

Following the discussion on the forum regarding the OTF grant, Martin extracted from the EOSS-6 grant application the core activities we need funding including a

  • Part-time developer, 0.5 FTE - USD90,000/year
  • Part time project manager, 10h/week USD 26,000/year
  • Funding for occasional contractors and events USD 20,000/year
  • CS&S fees USD 24,000/year
  • Total USD 160,000/year

The detailed breakdown is available here

Developer hiring

The group discussed the opportunity to use the remaining funds of the EOSS-5 grant to hire another developer in 2024, so the person has time to ramp up and take over Antonin's position in 2025.

From previous hiring experience we should plan for a 4 to 6 months lead time before the person starts. If we want someone starting when at the end of the summer we should start working on the posting and advertising next month.


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