May 30th, 2024, Advisory Committee and CS&S


  • Jan Ainali - Advisory Committee
  • Antonin Delpeuch - Advisory Committee
  • Martin Magdinier - Project Manager
  • Jessica Hardwicke - Code for Science and Society


Update with CS&S

Jessica Hardwicke attended on behalf of Code for Science and Society. The call was an opportunity to provide CS&S with a status update on the OpenRefine project, including the BarCamp, staffing, and grant proposal.


We reviewed the in-person registration.


Martin presented a draft budget, and the group refined it along the following assumptions:

  • We want to budget for the minimal team, as discussed in the OTF thread with
    • A developer position, part-time (0.5 full-time equivalent), budgeted at USD 90,000 per year
    • One project manager, part-time 10h/week, budgeted at USD26,000 per year
    • Some extra for occasional contractors, travel, and recurring Barcamp: ~USD20,000 per year
  • Antonin is taking a two—to three-month vacation during the summer of 2024
  • Antonin will be paid via the 2021 EOSS-Diversity grant until the end of 2024 to deplete the remaining allocation first, as we do not plan to ask a new extension.
  • Antonin's contract will end in March 2025
  • We will ask for a 12-month no-cost extension for the EOSS-5 grant until October 2025
  • We are planning a new lead developer starting in January 2025, paid from the EOSS-5 grant, leaving 3 months overlap with Antonin.

The updated budget will be presented to other advisory committee members at the June 6th meeting.

Funding sources

The last three grant applications were not accepted.

We identified the following funding :

  • Mellon Foundation
  • Donor campaign


We received a request for an interview for the Linux Professional Institute Interview podcast. We decided to schedule the interview after the BarCamp. It is an excellent opportunity to promote members of the community.

GSoC mentor submit. Martin to coordinate with current GSoC mentors and administrators if someone wants to represent OpenRefine at the 2024 mentor summit.