Best strategy on wikidata upload

I wonder what strategies you use when uploading to wikidata in order to not forget any edit. Then problem I’m having is that after some edit uploads I don’t know what has been uploaded and what not. I’m trying to use the flag and the star to mark rows, but I always end up with mixed data (uploaded and not uploaded) and don’t know which one it is what. What do you do?

Another option, in addition to using flags and stars, is to add a new column where you simply record the status of the row - this can be more explicit that just the flag/star system and make it clearer where you have got to with a particular row.

The other approach I’ve taken is to come from the other side and setup a wikidata query (e.g. using with all the relevant data in it so I can see what’s changed as I upload data - so checking that I see the number of items I expect, seeing if all the relevant properties have been added/updated etc. etc. This approach is coming to the problem from the other side - that is checking the state of Wikidata rather than trying to track everything in OpenRefine

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Thanks, @ostephens, I’m starting to feel more confident with flags and stars, but definitely adding a new column to record a status of the row seems a good option worth trying.

I already use wikidata queries to check general status of the uploaded data, but not with such a detail I might need from time to time. I’ll try it.