Bug with files with non-ASCII characters?


When uploading images to Wikimedia Commons I found something looking like a little bug with file paths using non-ASCII names.

I used two environments, one:

  • openrefine-3.7.2
  • Linux
  • $LANG environment variable set to es_ES.UTF-8 (standard for Linux in Spanish for Spain)

the other:

  • same but with LANG variable unset (not defined).
  • and no LC_* variable set neither.

I have a bunch of files in the path /home/olea/Paisajes de Interés Cultural en la Provincia de Granada/afotos/.

When launching OR from the LANG=es_ES.UTF-8 there is no problem:

but with the default environment:

This not seems a problem to me but maybe points to some bug in the i18n/l10n management.

Just reporting!