Failed to install from source on fedora 36

I've just failed in installing OpenRefine on fedora 36.
What I've tried:
(1) I downloaded the tar.gz from the download page
(2) I followed the instructions on the fedora documentation on installing from source and did:

tar -zxf openrefine-3.7.5.tar.gz
cd openrefine-3.7.5/
sudo make install

However I failed at lines 3-5, since there were no configure or make files in the unzipped tar-folder. How shall I proceed? Thank you so much!

PS: I also searched for an installer in DNFdragora as well as in the Appstores of Fedora/KDE (Software/Discover). But openrefine is not in there, right?

We have our own instructions for building and running on Linux. OpenRefine user manual | OpenRefine and How to build, test and run | OpenRefine

I have also opened an issue to make our Download page less confusing in regards to your issue Download page should say "binaries" and also link for source building. · Issue #6079 · OpenRefine/OpenRefine · GitHub

thanks. I managed to make it work in the meantime with

chmod a+x refine

Also, I realised later, that in fact this is not "installing from source". Somehow I got offtrack... but now it's fine. Thx