Funding Ideas or Partners

@Martin I recall that someone in NASA, cannot recall if it was Ames Research or another department, who asked about licensing/privacy/software assurances ?

We might want to find them or the department and see if we can get some funding for features. Maybe even pass their name over to CS&S to ask if they can also help or have government contacts to establish partnership under a government contract or open budget item for NASA software tooling support?

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Other ideas from the Barcamp: @Michael_Markert mentioned NDFI Memory as a potential source of funding in Germany.

It's this funding programme: 4Memory Incubator Funds | 4Memory/Nationale Forschungsdaten Infrastruktur (NFDI)
65.000 Euros for 10 months, unfortunately next deadline is 24 June 2024

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@Michael_Markert, thanks for the details. OpenRefine will not qualify directly as we are not part of the 4Memory consortium and we are not based in Germany. However, I am interested in partnership with a qualifyed institution for next year.

That's what I thought as well. I will keep my eyes open for suitable partners/projects.

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