I guess you can't use the PermaLink feature if you are a Facet lover…

I guess you can't use the PermaLink feature if you are have too much facets.
What a shame. Is there a bug issue for that?

Regards, Antoine

I'm not aware of any bug issue for this

This is part bug, part feature request.

Never create a permalink that is longer than the maximum URL size.

If the permalink has to be cut to not extends the maximum length, then, when clicking on the permalink, we should advise the user that some of the facets will not be saved in the permalink.

Give a feedback in the UI that not all facet will be saved. Maybe following the permalink, add « (some facet are not saved) ».

Put in the documentation that the facets are saved from the start, and that if there is too much facets, that at one point, facets data will not be saved.

Regards, Antoine

I think the closest ticket would be Export Facets (or even persist them) · Issue #560 · OpenRefine/OpenRefine · GitHub and @Antoine2711 attempt in Persistent facets using localStorage and superclass/subclasses for facets objects by antoine2711 · Pull Request #2685 · OpenRefine/OpenRefine · GitHub. After reading the issue and comments on the PR, it appears that there is a genuine user need for this to be resolved, however, there is no agreement on how to implement it. I moved this conversation to Development & Design for further discussion.