Login to Wikimedia Commons fails

Hi, I am trying to upload additional images versions to existing Wikimedia Commons File objects with OpenRefine 3.7.3. I am following these OpenRefine tutorials: (Google document and Youtube video). When I try to log in to Wikimedia Commons inside OpenRefine, I get "Invalid credentials", although the login via Wikimedia Commons interface works just fine. I'm using a password manager to type in the credentials, so typos should not be the cause of the problem. Also, I don't have 2FA enabled.

OpenRefine log says:

11:05:04.581 [ refine] GET /command/core/get-csrf-token (16576ms) 11:05:04.588 [ refine] POST /command/wikidata/login (7ms) 11:05:04.605 [ connection_manager] Failed to authenticate with proxy (17ms)

I have the same issue when using OpenRefine 3.7.2 and when logging in with a bot password. My operating system is Windows 10.

Do you have any idea what goes wrong here?

Hi @Annabelle_Wiegart, thanks for reporting this and welcome to the forum!

This seems to suggest that the computer where you are running OpenRefine is using a web proxy, that OpenRefine seems fails to use correctly.

I am surprised that we don't seem to have much in our documentation about how to configure OpenRefine to use a proxy. I did find this thread about it though:

Essentially, this means you likely need to configure the coordinates of the proxy that is set up in your workplace in OpenRefine's configuration:

I am curious if you can get it to work by doing that.

One way to confirm that the issue is coming from a proxy would be to try connecting via another internet connection, if that's available to you.

Hi @antonin_d, thanks for your quick reply!

Connecting via a different network did indeed solve the problem. I will also look into the solution with the proxy configuration.

I got it to work by adding these two lines in refine.ini:

JAVA_OPTIONS=-Dhttp.proxyHost= -Dhttp.proxyPort=

and then starting OpenRefine with this command in Windows Cmd prompt (from openrefine-3.7.3 directory):

refine /c refine.ini run