Outreachy intern applicant 2023

Hello, my name is Yemi a frontend dev with ui ux exposure. I’m interested in the project particularly related to improving design work flow and communications. It was stated in the project info that applicants are required to undergo a tutorial but i shouldnt figure out the link, can anyone help me out?

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Hello, I am Motunrayo Agoro, i am from Nigeria and i am here a new outreachy intern. I am UI/UX designer. I am interested in project #1 - Improve design workflows and communications. will be really glad if anyone can point me to how I can get started

Hi both, welcome to the project! Please have a look at my reply in this other thread:

Yes this is helpful, thank you

Hey everyone, I’m Leila Kaltouma. I am a full stack developer from Mlai. I am happy to be a part of this community. Nice to meet you all.

Dear all, please check the new introductory post for the design internship here > Welcome and guidelines to the Outreachy UX design internship applicants

Hello everyone,I am ayushi and i am an outreachy applicant,I am interested in the project which includes improving openrefine reconciliation,I am currently trying to set up the project,can someone kindly confirm if this is the right group to talk about the project?

Hello @Ayushi_Rai , welcome :hugs:.
It’s nice to have you with us.

Here is the right place to find what you need.

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Welcome @Ayusi_Rai, yes you are. look through the post @Lydiaofficial tagged you on to guild you. Feel free to ask questions when stuck. cheers

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Thanku both for a warm welcome.I want to ask that if i am working on the openrefine reconciliation project,am i supposed to contact the mentioned mentor @abbe98 in the outreachy description through a mail etc,i basically wish to let him know that i am working on this project and i have set up the project and i am trying to find a beginner friendly issue to work upon.I have gone through the list of good first issues in the github repository of openrefine ,and am trying to study the issues,but would appreciate some guidance in choosing my first issue.

You are welcome.
Yes, you can email your mentor but i think its best you go through the issues on the github repo particularly those labelled with “good first issue” as they are not so difficult to work on. Then you can ask your questions under the comment of the issue and a mentor would reply as soon as they can to guild you on how to approach the project.

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Mentioning me here in the forum or on Github works perfectly. A good first issue for the reconciliation project could be the one below.

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thanku so much,going to start working on this now.