Training resources and trainers for Wikimedia Commons in OpenRefine

Some new training resources are available for people and organizations wanting to contribute to Wikimedia Commons with OpenRefine. For a general overview, see OpenRefine/Training - Meta

Online course in various languages

There is now an online OpenRefine-Wikimedia Commons course on the platform WikiLearn (Wikimedia's MOOC system). This online course is available at any time, for free. Anyone with a Wikimedia account can enroll with one click of a button. It can be followed at your own pace, with computer-graded exercises.

The course is suitable for Wikimedians, Wikimedia affiliate staff, and partners (e.g. staff of cultural heritage organizations). Following the course takes an average of 6 to 8 hours.

Enroll here:

This course can be translated to other languages as well. If you want to contribute a translation, then get in touch with @G_Fontenelle. Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, Basque, and Italian translations are underway.

Updated how-to guides

There are now detailed and updated how-to guides on uploading and batch contribution to Wikimedia Commons with OpenRefine. Newcomers are strongly encouraged to go through these. Commons:OpenRefine - Wikimedia Commons

Certified OpenRefine-Wikimedia trainers

In April 2024, a group of international, new certified OpenRefine-Wikimedia trainers graduated after an intensive, six-month train the trainer course. Anyone can now approach them for demonstrations, workshops, presentations and tutorials.

You can find the list of certified trainers on meta:OpenRefine/Training.

The above resources are an outcome of the Wikimedia Foundation's training and sustainability grant to OpenRefine in 2023-24.

Maintainers needed

These resources will not be actively updated anymore (as of now) and need new maintainers to keep them up to date. If you see omissions and errors in the on-wiki documentation for OpenRefine, please be bold and update the pages. For contribution to the WikiLearn courses, please contact @G_Fontenelle.


Kudos to the trainers and maintainers! I had previously looked through the overview and some of the materials and was really impressed! Wonderful job by all!

Now we just need someone in the community to make some new intro videos like we had for "Google Refine"! All in good time.


Thanks for the update, @Sandra. It's wonderful that the course was translated into so many languages at the launch! Congratulations to the team!

@G_Fontenelle @Sandra, do you see value if we list the course to the External Resources page on the OpenRefine website?

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Thanks for sharing the links here too, @Sandra! :raised_hands:

And taking advantage of the opportunity, we are also launching the Italian translation officially today. Here's the link:

@Martin: I believe it would be great to have the course listed there as well.