Wikimedia Commons training and documentation grant: final report ready

The training and documentation part of OpenRefine's 2023-24 Wikimedia Commons grant has concluded. A final report of training and documentation activities is available on Wikimedia Commons. There's also a page with updated metrics and a blog post on Wikimedia's Diff blog.

Summarizing some of the project results:

I want to warmly thank and applaud everyone who worked hard to make this project a success, including the new OpenRefine trainers, the course beta testers, the translators - and a very special shout out to @G_Fontenelle, whose tireless support was a lifesaver!

In the upcoming months, Wikimedia Sverige will continue doing software development as part of this grant. That work will be reported later this year.


Thank you @Sandra. While the training part is completed, the collaboration with Wikimedia Sweden will continue until the end of the year, and the grant was extended accordingly. We will provide an updated report by the end of the year regarding the improvement of the Commons extension.