Translating the docs

Hi all, I see links for contributing to the interface translation but nothing about the docs. Is that possible/wanted? I’d be happy to work on a Brazilian Portuguese version so my colleagues can learn how to use it.

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Hi @Martim_Passos,

Thanks a lot for your interest in translating the docs! We have been trying to make the docs translatable via Crowdin but it was not very convincing so far. One main problem is that Crowdin projects are not open to newcomers by default, in the sense that someone from the team needs to explicitly invite someone else for them to be able to start translating. This is a barrier that does not exist on Weblate.

If you are interested in trying this out, let me know what your Crowdin account is and I can add you there. We can then work on integrating those translations in the docs (for now the feature is disabled since nothing is translated). Note that the docs to be translated on Weblate are likely slightly out of date so it’s not worth investing a ton of work in there just yet (but if you are motivated to do so I can update them).

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I’d really love to see Crowdin used. I have heard good things and been told that there are a few things we could do to make it easier for newcomers. Some of this in the Crowdin docs themselves and their FAQ. It would be super awesome if @Martim_Passos would be willing to even help out with that and dig in and research what we need to do to make it even easier for newcomers as well as get the Brazilian Portuguese translations started.

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Hi @antonin_d and @thadguidry, thanks for the responses!

I’m martim.passos there, apparently I was able to join the OpenRefine project. I see a “Portuguese” translation but not a Brazilian Portuguese one. Most softwares make that distinction, although they’re normally close enough so that all speakers understand both. Do you want me to work on the Portugal one or create a dedicated Brazilian Portuguese translation? Before I dive in it might be good to update the docs indeed

I’ll fiddle about and get back with suggestions, but so far it seems pretty straightforward to work with!

I have added Brazilian Portuguese and updated the docs to translate in Crowdin.

Thanks @antonin_d! I’ll start translating the docs within the next days, just finishing some other things at work.

About the

part, maybe adding a glossary would be a good one.

OpenRefine’s UI is already translated to Portuguese. Having those terms available in Crowdin would definitely help keeping the docs terminology consistent and eventually suggest improvements.

I see it already has a glossary (with ‘do not translate’ terms like Wikidata and OpenRefine), but the UI terms (like HTTP headers to be used when fetching URLs) don’t seem to be there.

We should add a glossary to Crowdin to keep all the OpenRefine terminology in one place for translation. @Martim_Passos Are you able to add a glossary yourself? Or is an admin needed or some approval? Can you check?

Probably a good idea to also have a lightweight glossary for the docs website as well. Yes/No @ostephens ?

I was just talking about this in another post regarding OpenRefine’s domain model (and the new one beginning to form with @antonin_d work for 4.0 release) in general, and how we probably should align our Java classes and method names to that future improved domain model.