August 2, 2023 - Advisory Call with CS&S

Meeting Minutes -


  • Jan Ainali - Advisory Committee
  • Danielle Robinson - Code for Science and Society
  • Alicia Lochard - Code for Science and Society
  • Martin Magdinier - Project Manager


Advisory Committee Hiring

  • Monday, July 24th - Martin and Antonin met in person in Lyon, France.
  • Two candidates identified so far.
  • Martin is actively reaching out to potential candidates.
  • Proposal to move to a 4-person Advisory Committee.
  • Danielle suggested having some overlap between terms and cautioned against onboarding too many people at once.


  • Martin completed 12 interviews and will schedule the next round.
  • Patterns emerging from interviews:
    • People want to be told how to contribute.
    • Developer journey may be defined, but need to define other contributor journeys (e.g., translation, training, design, etc.).
  • Currently, there are limited ways to recognize non-code contributions in OpenRefine, unlike developers using GitHub features.
  • Lydia, an Outreachy intern, is working on the designer track to make OpenRefine more welcoming for designers.
  • Danielle asked if the team has the necessary tools or if they need to work with designers to build a process/contributor track.
  • Possible models/connections to make:

Mozilla Infrastructure - 50k grant

  • Suggestion to make the grant about building data quality feature for OpenRefine.
  • Data Futures Lab, Lead is Champika Fernando.
  • Letter of Intent due by the end of August.
  • Notice of grant in December 2023 for work to start in 2024.
  • Important to share cross-disciplinary impact and communities supported by OpenRefine in the letter of intent.

Designer job posting

  • The job will be broader in terms of grant, looking holistically at OpenRefine's needs.


  • :white_check_mark: Danielle to connect Martin Magdinier and Kristie at Turing Way.
  • Martin to share the letter of intent for Mozilla Infrastructure.
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