October 4, 2023 - Advisory Call with CS&S

Minutes from the monthly call of October 2023 between OpenRefine Advisory Committee and Code for Science and Society.


  • Alicia Lochard - Code for Science and Society
  • Rayya El Zein - Code for Science and Society
  • Antonin Delpeuch - Advisory Committee
  • Jan Ainali - Advisory Committee
  • Martin Magdinier - Project Manager


Designer Hiring

We completed the first round of interviews and are discussing with selected candidates. The start date has been pushed toward the end of October.

WMF Grant

The team selected 15 trainers among 86 candidates for the Train the Trainer program. Sandra will contact them directly with an announcement scheduled later this month.

Advisory Committee Hiring

We are still looking for a new member. The process is stalled with the current candidate.

We want to try a different approach to inviting potential candidates to an Advisory Committee call so they can understand the mechanism.

Funding Progress

The Letter of Intent for EOSS-6 is due October 17. The group discussed a potential proposal to support better the community, which will include tasks like

  • Release manager
  • Triaging ticket
  • Welcoming and onboarding new contributors

Next Steps

  • Martin to share the initial set of possible scope on the forum Upcoming financing option for OpenRefine
  • Antonin and Jan will review and discuss this in the call scheduled for October 11.
  • Rayya offered to review the letter.


FOSDEM call for application close December 8. We discussed the opportunity for CS&S and its sponsor project to present a stand. The idea will be shared within CS&S.

There is no interest in holding an OpenRefine stand or DevRoom at FOSDEM as it does not fit our intent as an OpenRefine community event. The conversation was summarized by Antonin here https://forum.openrefine.org/t/organizing-an-openrefine-barcamp-in-2023/179/

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