GSoC 2024 Contributor Application Period

Welcome to the OpenRefine forum! If you're here as a potential applicant for the GSoC 2024 internship, this thread is the perfect place to start. This is the place to introduce you to our community and ask your questions.

During the contribution period (February 22 - March 18 2024)

As you get started, you can review the following documents:

During the internship (after May 27 2024)

Selected interns will be able to work on one of the project from our list of ideas for GSoC 2024

@Martin it would be worth adding to your post that:

During the initial contribution period, we recommend that you try tackling some of our good first issues.

The tasks listed in our GSoC project ideas should not be worked on during this period, but during the internship instead.


I edited my post accordingly.

I'm a senior undergraduate student with theoretical knowledge in computer science, including Java and JavaScript. While I haven't participated in open source projects, I've worked on smaller, course-related projects. GSoC is my first step into this realm, and OpenRefine has caught my eye. I will definitely continue to try enhancing my understanding on OpenRefine in the following days. However, I'm concerned about my readiness. What qualifications are needed to qualify for this project?

Hello. I'm a senior Computer Science student at the German International University in Egypt. I have some experience in open source and web development, so JavaScript and TypeScript. I've also contributed to another open source project called Mathesar for last year's GSoC, but didn't make it in there sadly. However, this year I'm planning to take GSoC more seriously and I'll explore OpenRefine in the days during the contribution period.

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Hello and welcome @T-Rex, set up the project and try your hand at the list of good first issues to see if you are ready, as far as qualifications are concerned, if you are allowed to participate as per GSoC guidelines, that's enough.

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Thank you for your prompt response. I'll set up the project and take a look at the list of good first issues.