January 10, 2024, Advisory Committee Only

The Advisory Committee is conducting weekly calls with the OpenRefine project manager to review and discuss the progress of operations. As part of our efforts to enhance transparency regarding the work of the Advisory Committee, and with plans to onboard new members in January, we will publish minutes of these calls.


  • Antonin Delpeuch - Advisory Committee
  • Jan Ainali - Advisory Committee
  • Martin Magdinier - Project Manager


Invoice Status

Three invoices were approved today

One invoice is pending confirmation with CS&S.

Advisory Onboarding

Alicia Lochard from CS&S asked to be added to the Advisory Committee distribution list to help administrate. OK from Antonin and Jan. Antonin will give access.

One candidate signed up for the agreement.

We are still waiting for the second person. Martin to follow up.

We reviewed and agreed on the following onboarding process for new advisory committee members:

Meeting with Selena Deckelmann CTO Wikimedia Foundation

@Sandra raised the opportunity to meet with Selena Deckelmann, CTO of Wikimedia Foundation, before the end of February 2024 via her page Wikimedia Foundation Community Affairs Committee/Talking: 2024 - Meta. The conversation will fall under the second point of Some (not all) of the big questions…

Conversation within the Advisory Committee. Martin will validate with Sandra how we want to approach the meeting.

What do we want from this call?

  • We expect the call to be mostly strategic and not too technical. How can we confirm this assumption?
  • Should we align our conversation to demonstrate how we can help them achieve their OKR
  • We need to be upfront that OpenRefine plans to revisit its Mission, Vision, and Values in 2024. We would like to get the Wikimedia Foundation's perspective on how they see their relationship with OpenRefine.
  • We have ongoing conversations within the OpenRefine community regarding who owns and supports the integration with Wikimedia platforms, specifically the wikidata reconciliation and Wikimedia Commons. Is it something we should discuss in this meeting?

Who should attend on the OpenRefine side? How big the representation should be?

  • Jan and Antonin expressed interest.
  • We expect Sandra to be part of it.
  • Martin can join if needed.

Wiki Commons Grant

We have set a deadline of June 30th, 2024, which is the end of the grant, to finish the improvements for the WikiCommons integration. To achieve this goal, we have determined that we require the assistance of a product manager to help with selecting and defining the project's scope, as well as a developer who can handle the implementation.

We have a total budget of USD 15,000.

We have identified two potential options and need to set up a team to work on it:

  • Working with Wikimedia Sweden. This could be a way to have onboard new contributors on the code base. We initially discussed the project with them in November. We are waiting for their confirmation.
  • Working with existing OpenRefine contributors via contract.

Martin to follow up with WMSE.


Tib is available in June and July to host the meeting

Antonin is waiting to hear back from Wikimedia Deutschland.

On-Going project

Martin will share insight from the interviews conducted through 2023 on the forum and contact consultants for the mission and vision project.