January 3, 2024 - Advisory Call with CS&S


  • Alicia Lochard - Code for Science and Society
  • Antonin Delpeuch - Advisory Committee
  • Jan Ainali - Advisory Committee
  • Martin Magdinier - Project Manager


Advisory Committee

Two individuals have accepted our offer to become members of the Advisory Committee. They have reviewed the agreement, and we are currently in the process of signing the necessary documents and onboarding them. As soon as the agreement is signed, we will make a public announcement.

Advisory Committee Discussion

Some members of the community have requested to participate in Advisory Committee calls. We are currently exploring ways to accommodate these requests and ensure that all members have the opportunity to attend. We will confirm the details with the two new members and make the necessary arrangements.


After reviewing the latest update (see Organizing an OpenRefine BarCamp - #29 by antonin_d), Antonin will assess the available options in the upcoming week. Martin will hold on to outreach until we confirm the date that works best for everyone.

We have yet to make a decision on the following matters:

  • Determining our budget, which will be discussed and decided upon with the new advisory committee members
  • Are we setting up a committee to help with the organization?

Community Playbook workshop

Martin will be joining Creating Community Playbooks (PBK) - CSCCE from January 16 to March 1, 2024. During this time, he aims to work on developing a contributor pathway. This involves creating clear on and off ramps for different types of contributors. Martin plans to make this effort public and welcome feedback from the community. By the end of the workshop, there should be a rough draft that can be polished throughout the year.

Mission Vision Statement

Martin to contact resources identified in December 2023.

2023 NFDI Status

Grant is now completed and Ayushi contract finished on December 31. We are working with CS&S to address payment delays reported in December by some contractors.

Making the forum more welcoming

Following the conversation in Making the forum more welcoming for users - #18 by Martin, Martin will adjust the email notification as identified.

Updating the page about OpenRefine on CS&Sā€™ website

Antonin asked how to update the representative's name for OpenRefine on the CS&S website at OpenRefine. We should send the name and photo of the person we want to add to the page. Martin has submitted the requested materials.

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