December 12, 2023 - Advisory Call with CS&S


  • Alicia Lochard - Code for Science and Society
  • Antonin Delpeuch - Advisory Committee
  • Jan Ainali - Advisory Committee
  • Martin Magdinier - Project Manager


Updates & FYI: CS&S Year-End Closures it will impact contractor payment, new contract and contract amendment.


  • EOSS-6 application submitted. See the proposal on the funding page
  • Interim Report for the Diversity Grant prepared; see on the funding page
  • We started a draft budget for the Calendar Year 2024. Decision on how to allocate the remaining funds for the current grant will be on hold until March 2024, once we have more visibility regarding the EOSS-6 funding and progress on the EOSS-5.


Advisory Recruitment. We want to make an offer to join the Advisory Committee to the two interested persons. Next steps: Share CS&S onboarding process with them

Designer Position: Zoe Cooper's contract as lead designer started. See announcement. Martin followed up with the other candidates.

Communication Challenges: The group acknowledged current communication difficulties within the project and expressed concern about their impact on attracting and retaining contributors.

Mission Vision Value

We realized they are not well-defined and documented. They would help to

  • Attract and onboard contributors (volunteer, advisory board)
  • Manage communication internally and create social rules and expected behavior within the community.
  • Better position OpenRefine with other organizations and partners.
  • Define the project's scope and roadmap (for example, with reconciliation, RDF, multi user, hosting …)

Now the EOSS-6 submission is completed, Martin will focus on helping the project define its Mission Vision Value. We want to do that with the help of an external consultant in a two to four-month project.